We offer a range of surgical services, both in the field and at our clinic, to provide convenient care for your horse, eliminating the need for long journeys to referral centers. Our surgical expertise includes procedures such as the extraction of wolf teeth and incisors, with limited cheek tooth extractions considered on a case-by-case basis. In addition, our field surgical offerings encompass laceration repairs, castrations, hernia repairs, enucleations, as well as surgical excision or cryotherapy for tumor removal.

Dental Extractions

A healthy mouth is essential for your horse’s well-being, and sometimes, dental issues require extractions to ensure their comfort and health. Equine Dental Extractions are a specialized procedure aimed at removing problematic teeth, such as damaged or diseased molars, incisors, or wolf teeth.


Castration is a common and important procedure for many male horses. It not only plays a significant role in managing behavior but also contributes to their overall health and safety. Our experienced veterinary team is well-versed in performing Equine Castrations with precision and care.

Standing Surgeries: Laceration Repairs, Mass Removals, Enucleation

Our Equine Standing Surgeries are designed to provide the highest level of care with the utmost convenience and minimal stress for your horse. These procedures, including laceration repairs, mass removals, and enucleation, can be performed while your horse remains standing, eliminating the need for general anesthesia and its associated risks.


When your horse faces injury or strain, Equine Cryotherapy emerges as a cutting-edge solution for rapid recovery and pain relief. This non-invasive treatment involves the targeted application of cold temperatures to injured or sore areas, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing.

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