Bovine & Small Ruminant Medicine

Bovine & Small Ruminant Medicine focus on the health and well-being of these essential agricultural animals and helps treat the unique challenges and opportunities involved in caring for these species. From diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases in livestock, our team is fully equipped with everything you need for your bovines and small ruminants.

Reproductive: Pregnancy Checking, Breeding Soundness Evaluations (BSE), Bangs Vaccination, Trich Testing

Our comprehensive Equine Reproductive Services are designed to support the health and breeding success of your equine companions. From ensuring a successful pregnancy to evaluating breeding soundness, we offer a range of services tailored to your horse’s reproductive needs.

Herd Health, Regulatory Testing, and Health Certificates

Managing the health of your equine herd and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements are paramount to the well-being of your horses. Our Equine Herd Health program offers comprehensive care to maintain the health and vitality of your entire herd.

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